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Privately Owned Family Business

The Automotive Group was established forty years ago and since its inception have been involved with the design and adaptation of Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles. After extensive research, development and consultation our latest range of ultra-modern Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles makes transportation of wheelchair users a pleasure. Privately owned this family business has an innovative approach to providing transport solutions for the wheelchair user. With years in business giving customer’s confidence in our product range and customer satisfaction.

Gleneagles Conversions was incorporated into our brand in 2015.Ensuring first class customer service for existing Gleneagles customers and future clients.

Underpinned with the value that we take time to establish our customers need and with a flexible approach deliver a vehicle solution.

We also pride ourselves for the technology and comfort built into our design; so much so that we have included T and C within our company logo which depicts a Segedunum Domus the Latin word meaning “Strong Fort”. The Romans used it many years ago as a name for their fort, the remains of which are still situated adjacent to our premises on the banks of the river Tyne Newcastle upon Tyne. As in Roman days we believe in the strength of technology, design and comfort being built into our product for the benefit and enjoyment of our customers.

National Team

A dedicated National Team will assist you in determining your exact requirements and they will gladly offer you a free no obligation demonstration at your home or work place at a time convenient to you. Our team take time to establish the Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle from our range that is your solution. A team interested and experienced in establishing your needs.

Once the decision has been made and an order is placed, you will be given an approximate delivery schedule. Your vehicle will be ordered by our experienced team, who will keep you updated at every stage and are always on hand to answer any queries you may have, making it easy to get you into a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle suited to your needs.

Peace of Mind

We are Motability accredited and all of our Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles have VCA certification giving you complete peace of mind with your affordable excellent value purchase.


At The Automotive Group we have consulted extensively with most City Councils and are able to provide Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles adapted as Taxi’s with European Whole Vehicle Type Approval which meet City Council specifications. Our National Team will gladly assist you in determining your requirements and how these can be met.

Gleneagles Conversions as part of the Automotive Group are proud of the company ethos of Technology and Comfort. The company takes great pride in its philosophy of comfort without compromise.

Our Gleneagles brand aligns perfectly with the Automotive Group reputation for high quality wheelchair accessible vehicles. We would be delighted to carry out a free home demonstration anywhere in the UK. This will help you and your family appreciate the difference in comfort, technology and design can give you and your family.

Automotive Group and Gleneagles Conversions are an ever expanding business. With Automotive Group established over 40 years. The company is dedicated to supplying the latest model of vehicles we strive to ensure the original vehicle appearance is retained. Customers benefit from our low angle lightweight ramp with a choice of gas assisted or remote control electrically operated ramp. Through our strategy of Technology and Comfort we continue our attention to detail with superior interior soundproofing and carpeting. This ensures our wheelchair accessible vehicles are a firm family favourite.

Gleneagles and Automotive Group systems are built to exacting European Standards both in design and safety. The wheelchair area is encompassed within the vehicles original safety cell and is designed and manufactured with a built in anti-submarine low angle light weight ramp to reduce the risk of occupant slippage in the event of an impact. The ramp can accommodate the majority of large electric wheelchairs, scooters and self-propelled wheelchairs available on the market. The company are able to offer wide entrance wheelchair access across our range of Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles. Please ask for details.