Mobility Car Scotland – New WAV vs. Nearly New WAV

Mobility car Scotland based; is this something you are looking to purchase? If so, and you want to acquire your vehicle under the Motability Scotland Scheme, you will have probably noticed that you have the option of a new Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) and a nearly new WAV at your disposal. Read on to discover more about the differences between the two.

As you may have gathered by the name, a new WAV is brand new. On the other hand, a nearly new WAV is one that is less than three years old. Most nearly new WAVs are those that have been returned by the owner before the lease period is over. So, let’s take a look at the key differences of both options under the scheme. With a new WAV, the lease length is five years, however, with a nearly new WAV you can upgrade your vehicle after three years. Because of this, you get a lower mileage allowance with a nearly new WAV of 60,000 miles. With a new WAV, you get a 100,000 mileage allowance. Nevertheless, this works out at 20,000 miles per year irrespective of the vehicle you go for. One of the good things about nearly new WAVs is that you can get your hands on one fairly quickly, as they can be delivered within a couple of weeks. With a new WAV, you have to order your vehicle, and it can take around 12 to 16 months on average. However, you have a much broader selection of WAVs to choose from if you go for a new vehicle.

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