Mobility Cars Aberdeen – Is A Nearly New Mobility Vehicle Right For You?

Mobility cars Aberdeen wide can be split into three different categories; new vehicles, nearly new vehicles, and used vehicles. The latter is not covered under the Motability Scotland Scheme, but nearly new vehicles are. Read on to discover whether this is the right option for you.

A nearly new vehicle is exactly that; a vehicle that has been used, but barely. It could be that another driver took out the vehicle under the Mobility Scheme but then returned it a couple of months later, for example. The rule is that they must have been returned within three years. This is a good option for those that are seeking a more affordable way to lease a mobility vehicle. It is important to note that the availability on these cars is limited, however, if you do find one that is suited to your needs, then this can be a great route to go down. Moreover, if you have time on your side, you could wait until a vehicle comes back that suits your requirements. Another benefit of getting a nearly new wheelchair accessible vehicle or mobility cars Scotland under this scheme is that you will get a shorter lease length; you can get a new vehicle every three years as opposed to every five years. The condition of these vehicles tends to be very impressive, as they haven’t been used for extended periods of time. Nevertheless, a little bit of wear and tear must be expected, so long as it is consistent with the age of the vehicle.

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