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Mobility Cars Glasgow – Seating Arrangements For WAVs

Mobility Cars Glasgow

If you are looking for a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) for yourself or a loved one, you will have plenty of mobility cars Glasgow wide to choose from. There is a lot to consider when narrowing down your search, and one vital aspect is the seating arrangement. Below, we will take a look at this in further depth.

No matter whether you are looking for a WAV under the Motability Scotland Scheme or not, you will find that there are numerous options available to you. The seating arrangement of the vehicle will, of course, depend on the size of the WAV, but there are some things to be considered.

Are you looking for small mobility cars Scotland wide? If so, the typical seating arrangement consists of three seats – two in the front, and then another seat behind at the right of the vehicle. The space beside this seat will be for the wheelchair user. Whatever space is left can be used for any luggage you have, although as you can imagine, there is usually not a great deal of space in a small WAV for many bags.

If this does not sound right for you, you may be better off considering a medium sized WAV. There are numerous seating options for this type of mobility vehicle, however, one of the most popular ones is as follows – two seats in the front, two seats in the second row with the wheelchair user in between them, and then one seat at the back with space for luggage. Another option is to have two rows of seats, and then the wheelchair users at the back. However, if you typically only travel as a pair, this can make the journey a bit lonely and isolated.

As you can see, the seating arrangement needs to be considered with care when looking for mobility cars Glasgow wide. Consider the practicality of the arrangement and the wheelchair user’s comfort

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