Mobility Cars Scotland - Helping People Be More Independent

Mobility cars Scotland wide are available across the country and can often be funded through the UK’s disability access scheme, Motability Scotland. Motability has been running since 1977. Its aim is to help people in receipt of the Disability Living Allowance (DLA) to use their mobility allowance, funded by the Government, to lease a car, or other vehicle that is suitable for their specific needs. There are 650,000 disabled people and their families across the UK benefiting from the system. Adaptations for mobility cars include control configuration and input adaptations, conversions to fit wheelchairs, access aids and more recently electric vehicle conversions.

Vehicle Adaptations Available Through Motability Scotland

There is a plethora of adaptations and control configuration changes available through the UK motability scheme. Both new and used mobility cars Glasgow and Scotland wide are available through the scheme and adaptations cater for a whole range of physical needs. Adaptations can be created to cater for people with either upper or lower limb disabilities, or both. There are also simple input solutions such as using automatic transmission, as this negates the need for two feet to drive, or selecting a car with powered steering. Before your car is adapted, you will be assessed to best see how you can be helped. This is done through the DriveTest system, a computer controlled test that measures reaction time and strength. This provides a comprehensive evaluation of your strengths and weaknesses as a driver. The assessor can then determine which control changes would best benefit you specifically. Digital control aids can also be added to a vehicle. These are also adapted for each individual user such as adapting or reconfiguring, removing or replacing, the whole steering and pedal systems. For some, the very act of getting into or out of their car is the main problem. Configuration solutions range from adding ramps for wheelchair access to swivel seats that come right out of the car. Aftermarket or manufacturer car conversions can make it easier for families with cars or people carriers to fit a wheelchair or other equipment in. There are both simple and complex adaptations and conversions that are made to Motability cars Aberdeen in order to improve the quality of life for disabled people and their families.

Choosing The Right Mobility Cars Aberdeen Based And Across Scotland

When choosing which mobility cars Aberdeen based, or anywhere else in Scotland, there is a lot to consider. You need to take some time to think about how and when you will use your car, or other vehicle. Is it for transporting the family around all week, including school runs, or just for you to get to the shops now and then? What types of journey will you make on a regular basis? Will you need to make long distance journeys, or just around your local area? Also, take into account who you might be taking in the vehicle with you. Driving in heavy traffic to and from work on a daily basis could be tiring so different adaptations might be necessary. Similarly, if you plan to take the kids to school each morning, enough room has to be left to fit them in comfortably and safely. The best Motability Glasgow vehicle for you might be larger than you first expected, especially if you need to make multipurpose journeys. However, if you are living in Aberdeen, Fife or Edinburgh, a small city car might be best. These are typically cheaper to run with lower payments. The doors also have very large opening angles, making it easier to get in and out of. Hatchbacks have more boot space and seat belts will often be set a little further back. A family or estate car is typically much larger. You might need to take an additional test to check you can comfortably manage your vehicle under different road conditions. Gleneagles Conversions can help you choose the best new or second hand Mobility cars Scotland for you.

Gleneagles Conversions Increasing Independence With Mobility Cars Scotland Wide

Based in Cupar, Fife, Gleneagles Conversions specialise in providing Mobility cars Scotland to customers you most need them. We convert cars, minibuses and people carriers to provide Motability Scotland individualised solutions for every one of our customers. Centrally located, we are easily accessible from Edinburgh, Fife, Glasgow or Aberdeen. You can find us online at where you can also fill out a contact form. Alternatively, call us today on 01334 657722 to start discussing your Motability scheme needs with us, and get on the road today.