Mobility Hawthorn Street Glasgow – Should You Have The Floor Of Your WAV Lowered?

Mobility Hawthorn Street Glasgow based, may be something you need to consider. If so, there are many different things to deliberate when choosing a vehicle. One such thing is whether to choose a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) that has a lowered floor. If this is something you are thinking about, read on for further information.

Under the Motability Scotland Scheme, vehicles are allowed to undergo some conversions. The vast majority of WAVs have their floors lowered. This is so there is enough headroom for the person using the wheelchair. Another benefit of a lowered floor is easier access, as it means the ramp will either be at lower angle or shorter, making it easier for the carer to push the wheelchair into the vehicle where necessary. Nevertheless, there are a few things to bear in mind. For instance, you can have a lowering suspension fitted, which offers easier access by lowering the rear of the vehicle. This can be operated by the touch of the button, and will also have the benefit of lessening the ramp’s angle. Nevertheless, this will cost a bit more. You also need to think about the ground clearance in places you usually drive if you are going to have the floor lowered. This is because it will mean the driver needs to be more cautious when driving over speed bumps and such like. Finally, the fuel tank may need to be replaced or modified if the floor is lowered, which can result in the shape being altered or the size reduced.

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