Motability Cars Glasgow – Tips For Choosing The Best Motability Vehicle

Motability cars Glasgow based are available to people under the Motability Scotland Scheme. There are also used Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles (WAV) and cars for those who are not eligible to lease under the scheme. Here are some top tips for those looking for the perfect mobility vehicle.

Firstly, you should involve the people that you travel with, rather than going about the search on your own. Your carer, if you have one, has a pivotal role to play in this decision, as they must be able to help you into the vehicle with ease. Your carer should practice pushing you in and out of the vehicle to ensure they can do it at ease. It is also advisable to try out the vehicle in the areas you are most likely to drive to in the future. This will ensure there is plenty of space for you to park your WAV and such like. Another tip when looking for mobility cars Glasgow based is to take your time. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and don’t feel pressured into making a decision straight away. You need to be 100 per cent certain that the vehicle you are choosing is right for you. You also need to think about the fuel costs to ensure you can afford them. Find out about the fuel economy of the vehicle and whether it uses petrol or diesel, and then consider what journeys you will make and how often. This will help you to decipher how much you are going to need to allocate to fuel.

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