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Motability Scotland – Choosing A Suitable Mobility Vehicle


Motability Scotland

The Motability Scotland scheme has been designed to help wheelchair users find a vehicle that is suitable for their needs, allowing them to get from A to B in comfort. But, with so many wheelchair accessible vehicles (WAVs) for sale, how do you narrow down your search?

There are numerous factors that you need to take into account when looking for a mobility cars Scotland based. You should first consider what type of journeys you are going to be making. From visiting family and friends, to making long journeys, to travelling to hospital appointments, consider where you are going to be driving to most often. This will help you to determine what vehicle is suitable. For example, if you are going on long journeys, you may need a bigger vehicle.

You also need to consider access to the vehicle. In most cases, you will have the option between a ramp and an electric lift. The former is the most popular solution, and is typically fitted to small and medium-sized WAVs. However, if your carer or loved one cannot easily push you into the vehicle, an electric lift may be required instead.

You also need to assess the other features that are available when assessing mobility cars Scotland wide. You need to look at how the wheelchair is going to be held securely in position. You may also need a raised roof or lowered floor to make sure there is enough headroom. Where will you access the vehicle? Will it be from the side or the back? This will largely depend on parking in your area and the places you will be driving to most often.

Finally, the layout of the WAV is important to consider when buying a vehicle under the Motability Scotland scheme. Will the wheelchair user be able to hear the driver? Is the wheelchair user going to be comfortable where they are placed? Do you need to add or remove any seats? These are all points to think about.

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