Motability Scotland For Driving Freedom

Motability Scotland is part of the UK’s Motability strategy allowing disabled people to access vehicles of all shapes and sizes with a view to increasing their independence and self-reliance, whilst making day-to-day life easier. It is the UK’s leading scheme to get disabled people onto the road and is a collaboration between the Government, banks, motoring organisations and car manufacturers. The Motability Scheme lets users lease a car that has been specifically adapted to suit their needs, using portion of their disability benefits. Motability cars are leased and the monthly payment covers routine maintenance costs, which are often higher due to the adaptations, insurance and breakdown covers.

Eligibility Criteria For Mobility Cars Scotland Wide

Who is eligible to apply for Mobility cars Scotland wide? Mobility cars Aberdeen, and Scotland in general, schemes are open to anyone who is (currently) in receipt of the following benefits - the higher rates of the Disability Living Allowance Mobility Component or War Pensioners Mobility Support payments. Other applicable benefits include the enhanced rate mobility component of the PIP or Personal Independence Payment and the AFIP or Armed Forces Independence Payment. If you are not in receipt of any of these benefits but are either the parent or carer of a child (three years old or above) who qualifies for one of the above benefits, you can also apply. Applicants need to have a minimum of 12 month’s award length remaining on their benefits at the time of their application to be considered for Motability Aberdeen region or Motability Scotland based payments. If you have been in receipt of the higher rate Disability Living Allowance mobility component and are switched to Personal Independence Payments instead, you will lose your Motability eligibility unless your PIP is again paid at the higher rate. The means you would have to return your car. Transitional help of up to £2000 is available and you will be given the option to purchase your car.

Getting On The Road With Mobility Cars Scotland

Getting on the road with the mobility scheme in Scotland is easy. Motability cars Aberdeen based, as well as across the country, are supplied through a nationwide network of 3,500 Motability dealerships. In addition to this, there is a national network of accredited mobility cars Scotland providers. When you hire or lease purchase a car from the Motability Scheme, the payments are met through your qualifying benefit. For most available car brands, the whole of your applicable benefit would be paid directly into the Motability Scotland Scheme. However, if you have chosen a smaller, less expensive or second hand car, you may not need to pay all of your qualifying benefit. The next consideration is the type of vehicle you might need, whether a small, medium, large or estate car or a minibus or people carrier. The question of which vehicle is right for you might not be immediately apparent and you should consider factors such as the type of typical journeys you will be making. You will also need to consider who will be travelling with you, what accessibility needs you have and whether you need to transport equipment (such as a wheelchair) with you on a regular basis. Where you will park your vehicle, and how you will access it from your home may also be considerations.

Payments And Insurance for Mobility Cars Glasgow Based

Motability Scotland cars, buses or people carriers are paid for out of your qualifying benefits. These payments cover not just the leasing of the vehicle, and its adaptations before or after market, but also insurance and breakdown cover; rolling all this into one neat payment. The upshot of this is that as the payment is made directly by the government on your behalf with the qualifying benefit, you don’t need to think about any of the payments, maintenance or insurance issues. Depending upon the Motability cars Glasgow company you are working with when first leasing your adapted car, you may need to make a payment in advance. If you are asked to make an upfront payment for your new mobility cars Glasgow, but can’t afford to do so, Motability has a charitable fund that can help. Similarly, there are other specialist organisations who can help you with these costs and most Motability providers will be able to direct you to an organisation who can help. Once you have selected your vehicle, taken your test drive, and made any upfront payments you will then lease your car for a three-year period.

Additional Costs And Information About Mobility Cars Glasgow

Mobility cars Glasgow and other Motability vehicles you lease can come with additional costs, benefits and considerations. If you have one of the wheelchair accessible vehicles Glasgow based, or any other type of mobility vehicle, it can only be used for your own personal benefit and not for that of a business. You can use the vehicle to get to work and home as well as day-to-day household activities. However, if you needed to use it for business other than this or other reasonable personal use, this must be approved in advance. Short term hire might be more applicable if you need your car on a more ad-hoc basis, or for business use. If you don’t drive yourself or prefer not to do so, you can still apply to the Motability scheme. You would name up to two people, such as carers, parents or family members, as your drivers. They don’t have to live with you, but they do have to live within five miles of your home. You can also list one driver under the age of 21, who lives with you; this could be an adult child who lives at home. Gleneagles Conversions can help navigate you through these requirements.

For Mobility Scotland Solutions, Choose Gleneagles Conversions

The Motability Scotland scheme is a fantastic way for people in receipt of qualifying benefits to get the help they need to get out and about. Whether you are using an adapted vehicle to get to the shops, for day-to-day household chores, or using a Motability enhanced car to get to work, Gleneagles Conversions can help find the right mobility solution for you. All out vehicles are specially designed and adapted. To find out what we can do for you visit our website at and fill in our contact form, and we’ll get back to you. To discuss your individual needs, call on 01334 657722 to see how we can help.