Used Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles Scotland – Getting The Positioning Right

Used Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles Scotland wide are also known as used WAVs. If you are not able to secure a vehicle under the Motability Scotland scheme, a used WAV presents the perfect opportunity. In this post, we are going to take a further look at the positioning of the wheelchair user in such a vehicle to ensure ultimate comfort.

Making certain that the wheelchair user is comfortable is always the main priority when looking for the best mobility cars Scotland based. Most WAV dealerships will advise you to choose a vehicle with a low floor where the wheelchair user can be centrally positioned in the rear of the vehicle. In regards to the latter, if the wheelchair user is placed too far back in the vehicle, it can cause discomfort, as this position will amplify the undulations and bumps in the surface of the road. It can also cause them to feel isolated during journeys, as they are not able to converse with anyone else in the vehicle. This is counterproductive and one of the reasons why a test drive is always important, and needs to involved the disabled person. Aside from this, there are a number of reasons why a low floor is advised. Firstly, if the wheelchair is placed too high, it means that wheelchair user is not going to have a lot of head room, and the body roll sensation can increase when the individual leans from side to side. Moreover, a sloping floor can cause discomfort because of the incline when attempting to look out the vehicle while seated.

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