Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles For Sale Scotland – Seating Arrangements

Wheelchair accessible vehicles for sale Scotland wide come with a number of possibilities. One of the aspects you need to consider carefully is the seating arrangement of the vehicle, as this is going to have a direct impact on the comfort of the wheelchair user, which is undoubtedly the most important thing.

There are several options available to you when choosing a Motability Scotland based WAV. In small WAVs, the typical seating arrangement is to have two seats in the front, and another behind at the right side of the vehicle. The wheelchair user will then be positioned in the centre behind the front seats, with space on the left for any luggage. When it comes to medium WAVs, you can benefit from the same seating arrangement, although there will be another seat to the left. There is then another row behind with another seat and luggage space. Another option would be to have two seats, followed by a row of three seats, and then have the wheelchair user at the back. This may be undesirable if you usually only travel with one other person, as you will struggle to converse with them. It is worth pointing out that the wheelchair passenger can sit beside the driver in some vehicles, although this will be costlier. When choosing the right seating arrangement, not only do you need to consider who else will be travelling, but whether the carer or partner will need to access the wheelchair user during the journey in mobility cars Glasgow, as well as air conditioning in the vehicle to ensure you are positioned in a comfortable area.

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