Wheelchair Cars Scotland – Mistakes Made When Purchasing WAVs

Wheelchair cars Scotland based are available in their numbers. With so many different vehicles to choose from, selecting your first Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) can be daunting and a little overwhelming. To make the process easier, read on to discover some common mistakes you need to avoid.

One of the most common mistakes people make is acquiring a WAV without testing it out. You need to make sure that the vehicle is going to be suited to your lifestyle. You should drive to the places you will be going most frequently with the vehicle to make sure there is plenty of space available in terms of parking. You also need to make sure the carer can push you in and out of the vehicle with ease. This is another mistake people make – they don’t try out the ramp before buying. It’s vital that you do this, as you may discover the carer has trouble using it, and thus you will need to consider mobility cars Glasgow wide with a lift instead. Another common error is compromising on the comfort of the wheelchair user. This should be number on priority. It’s vital that you feel at ease during the journey. A central and low position is the best, as you can communicate with other people in the vehicle with ease and you are less likely to feel the bumps and undulations in the road. Finally, don’t make the blunder of rushing into the decision. Make sure the vehicle or motability Scotland is right for you and read reviews left by others.

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